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The History Reclaimed Cambridge Conference, June 2024, on Film

This film provides edited highlights of the History Reclaimed conference in Cambridge in June 2024. It’s divided into several sections.

In our first session the notable historian and biographer, Andrew Roberts, Lord Roberts of Belgravia, talks about Churchill’s achievements and his recent reputation in the work of critical historians.

In our second session, three leading educationists – Dr. Joanna Williams, Dr. Alka Seghal Cuthbert and Katharine Birbalsingh, the headmistress of the acclaimed Michaela Community School in Wembley, London – discuss the present state of, and likely future threats to, the History curriculum in schools.

Following this, Lord Roberts presented the History Reclaimed Book of the Year Prize to Sir Noel Malcolm of All Souls College, Oxford, for his study of male homosexual relations in Europe between 1400 and 1750 entitled ‘Forbidden Desire in Early Modern Europe’ (Oxford University Press). Our film includes Sir Noel’s speech about his book on receiving the award.

Our third conference session was a lecture by Professor Frank Furedi, the noted sociologist and commentator, drawn from his forthcoming book, to be published by Polity Press, entitled ‘The War Against the Past’, an analysis of the current fashion for seeing the past through the eyes and moral standards of the present.

The final session of the conference and of the film was devoted to the presentation of History in our museums and galleries and by Britain’s heritage organisations. It featured Cornelia van Der Poll and Zewditu Gebrayohanes, who have both worked for the organisation Restore Trust (which is critical of the National Trust), and the historian and horticulturalist, Ursula Buchan.

For those unable to attend the conference we hope this film gives you an insight into our conference and into the purpose of History Reclaimed. For those who were in Cambridge, we trust you enjoy a second opportunity to hear some excellent speeches and discussions.

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