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The History Reclaimed Book of the Year Prize 2023

Below we publish the shortlist for the History Reclaimed Book of the Year 2023. Starting from a list of over thirty books submitted by subscribers to History Reclaimed, a committee chaired by Lord Sumption has narrowed the shortlist to the five books listed below.

We now ask readers to vote for their favourite ‘History Book of the Year’. Please do so by Sunday 9 July.

The winning author and book will be announced on 17 July.

Please click below on the book you think should win our prize:


Prize for the Promotion of History and Historical Studies: Professor Nigel Biggar CBE

In addition to our annual ‘History Reclaimed Book of the Year’ prize, this year we are inaugurating a History Reclaimed Prize for the Promotion of History and Historical Studies to be awarded to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to our subject. We are delighted to announce that the first winner of this prize is Professor Nigel Biggar CBE of the University of Oxford, in virtue not only of his book Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning (William Collins, 2023) but also for his wider contribution to the study and defence of history in his research, lectures and essays, as well as through the media. Prof. Biggar’s fearless leadership of the movement to write and think about history objectively and on the evidence was the unanimous choice for the inaugural award. The value of this new prize, £3000, is the same as that for the annual book prize.

Thank you,
The Editors of History Reclaimed

We want to encourage and recognise the best historical writing, based on serious research and with a wide readership in mind. History is not simply a subject for academics and professionals, as the number and diversity of our committed readers testifies.

We will award a prize of £3,000 to the author of our Book of the Year. To qualify, the book needs to have been published in or after April 2022.

We want to give you, our readers, a central role in the process of choosing the winner, which will be as follows:

  1. Nominate your Book of the Year through the dedicated form below. Please do this by 15 May, giving the author, full title, place and date of publication, and a short explanation (max 600 characters) explaining why you are nominating the book.
  2. The History Reclaimed Editorial Committee will draw up a shortlist by 15 June.
  3. You, our readers, will then vote (again by a special facility on the website) on the final winner, and the result will be announced in mid-July.
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